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Private transportation companies in Tampa and other parts of Central Florida are often involved in serious car accidents. Whether it’s someone in a wheelchair who gets hurt while riding in a private van to a doctor’s appointment or an older resident who sustains a concussion while being transported to or from a nursing home, private transportation companies too often fail in their responsibility to protect their passengers and keep them safe.

When private drivers cause these types of car accidents in Florida, it is crucial to hold both the drivers and the transportation companies they work for accountable for their actions. Unfortunately for victims and their families, pursuing legal action can be quite challenging and complex. In many cases, accident claims involving private transportation companies quickly turn into complicated legal cases.

If you were injured in a private van accident in Florida or a collision involving another type of private hire vehicle, don’t try to take on the transportation company and its team of attorneys alone. Instead, get a hard-hitting legal team of your own to fight for you. At Armando Personal Injury Law, attorney Armando Edmiston and his team are prepared to help you seek the compensation you deserve. We’ll handle every aspect of your injury claim or lawsuit from start to finish.

Wheelchair accidents and private transportation companies

Private companies play a crucial role in offering transportation options for wheelchair users. Unfortunately, accidents involving wheelchair transportation vans are not uncommon in Tampa and other communities across Florida. These accidents can result in severe injuries to passengers, such as broken bones, concussions, and other debilitating injuries. Some common scenarios in private transportation company accidents include:

  • Passengers are injured while entering or exiting the vehicle, particularly if the driver mishandles the process and causes someone to fall out of their wheelchair.
  • Passengers are struck by the van while waiting outside in their wheelchair.
  • Passengers sustain injuries while the vehicle is in motion due to inadequate securing within the van.
  • Collisions are caused by reckless private hire drivers engaging in dangerous driving habits, such as distracted driving, speeding, or other irresponsible behaviors.

Unfortunately, a lack of proper training and specialized licensing for these drivers often contributes to accidents and injuries. These drivers are expected to operate properly outfitted minivans or larger vans specifically designed to accommodate wheelchair users. Without the necessary knowledge and skills to handle wheelchair passengers safely, drivers may cause harm during transfers, fail to secure passengers properly, or engage in reckless driving practices.

Furthermore, private transportation companies are responsible for ensuring that their vehicles are appropriately equipped to meet the needs of wheelchair users. This includes having accessible ramps, securement systems, and other necessary modifications to facilitate safe and comfortable transportation.

Other types of private transportation company accidents

In Tampa and Hillsborough County, there are many private transportation companies catering to different needs. These include wheelchair transportation services, as mentioned earlier, but also businesses specializing in transporting individual seniors or groups of older adults using various vehicles such as cars, vans, small buses, minibuses, and large buses.

Unfortunately, accidents involving these senior transportation company vehicles often occur due to driver negligence and/or the company's failure to uphold safety standards.

Private bus companies and charter bus companies are also susceptible to being involved in serious accidents. Whether it's during a private charter bus excursion to popular amusement parks like Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, SeaWorld, Adventure Island, or any other destination, these incidents can have severe consequences.

Numerous private transportation companies in Tampa focus on providing transportation services for residents, tourists, and business travelers to and from Tampa International Airport or the Port Tampa Bay Cruise Terminal near the Tampa Convention Center. These services typically involve buses, vans, and limousines. Unfortunately, accidents can occur in these scenarios as well, jeopardizing the safety of passengers.

What makes private transportation accidents different?

Private transportation accidents differ from other collisions in several ways:

  • Involvement of Multiple Vehicles: Private transportation accidents often involve multiple vehicles due to the nature of their operations. For example, a collision may occur between a private van and another vehicle, or multiple private transportation vehicles may be involved in a chain-reaction accident. The complexity of multiple vehicles increases the intricacy of determining liability and assessing damages.
  • Lack of Regulation: Many private transportation companies operate without strict regulations or oversight, which can have implications for driver qualifications and vehicle safety standards. In some cases, drivers may lack the necessary skills, training, or licensing required to safely operate vans or larger vehicles. This can contribute to an increased risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Multiple Sources of Compensation: Crash victims may have the potential for obtaining compensation from various sources, depending on the circumstances of the accident. For example, if the incident involves a private transportation company's vehicle, the company's insurance coverage may provide compensation. Additionally, if another driver's negligence contributed to the accident, their insurance coverage may also be applicable. Identifying and pursuing these different avenues for compensation can be complex but may result in more substantial recovery for the victims.

Liability in private transportation accidents

Determining who is responsible for paying for your accident and the potential value of your accident claim depends on various factors. However, in private transportation accidents, potential sources of financial compensation may include:

  • Private Hire Driver: If the driver of the vehicle involved in the collision caused the accident through negligence or recklessness, they may be held responsible for compensating you for your damages.
  • Private Transportation Company: The private transportation company that employs the driver may also bear liability for the accident. This can be the case if the company failed to properly train or supervise the driver, maintained unsafe vehicles, or engaged in negligent practices that contributed to the collision or to the injuries to a passenger.
  • Third Parties: As with other types of motor vehicle collisions, other parties can be involved as well, such as the driver of another vehicle involved in the wreck or the manufacturer of a defective vehicle or vehicle components.

The value of a private transportation company accident case will vary significantly depending on the specific circumstances of the accident, the severity of injuries, and the impact on the victim’s life. Only an attorney can evaluate your case, assess the damages, and provide guidance on the potential value of your claim or lawsuit.

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