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Settlements and verdicts won by our Tampa law firm

Results matter. That’s why our Tampa law firm is proud of the case results we have achieved for our clients at Armando Personal Injury Law. In many cases, we have won large verdicts or obtained sizable financial settlements worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars for our clients.

For us, it’s not about the money. It’s about making a difference in people’s lives when they need us most. Tampa personal injury attorney Armando Edmiston and his dedicated legal team have devoted their careers to helping people who need our help the most. That’s why we’re the law firm Tampa trusts to get the job done right.

The following are just some of the noteworthy settlements and verdicts obtained by our law firm:

Multi-million-dollar Settlement – Represented a client who sustained severe back and neck injuries in 7-car rear-end hit-and-run accident. Our client’s vehicle was near the rear end of the collision. The insurance company for at-fault driver initially did not want to settle or accept responsibility. After litigation, the case ultimately settled in the millions.

Car after accident in Florida

Multi-million-dollar Settlement – Co-represented a bicyclist who suffered a traumatic brain injury after falling at a dangerous construction site that was poorly lit and uneven. Case settled in the millions.

$900,000 Settlement Represented a driver for a rideshare service, who was not at fault and ended up needing surgery. The insurance company’s original offer was $20,000.

White car after intersection accident

$500,000 Settlement – Car accident in which a vehicle turned left in front of our client, who suffered from back and neck pain as a result of the collision. Had conservative care for 3 years and became worse, resulting in back surgery to address chronic back and neck pain. Case settled for policy limits of $500,000.

Pick-up truck rear ended by a dump truck

$300,000 Settlement – Represented a client in a truck accident case, in which the driver was rear-ended by a dump truck. Suffered back pain and needed surgery, resulting in a policy limit settlement of $300,000.

$100,000 Settlement – Represented a motorcycle rider who was cut off by another motorcyclist and dumped his bike. Our client suffered neck and back strains and sprains and settled for policy limits of $100,000.

Broken leg after motorcycle accident

$100,000 Settlement – Represented a motorcyclist who was rear-ended and suffered a broken leg. The case settled for policy limits of $100,000.

$50,000 Settlement – Represented a rear-end accident victim in a whiplash neck injury case. The client needed therapy and injections.

$41,000 Settlement – Represented a client who was backed into by a trailer, suffering a neck injury that required therapy.

$10,000 Policy Limits Settlement – Represented a client who sustained a whiplash neck injury in a rear-end accident. The insurance company originally offered $500. We settled the case for the full available policy limits.

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