Suing a Self-Driving Auto Manufacturer for Wrongful Death

A Florida family recently sued automaker Tesla for wrongful death after one of its vehicles—equipped with the proprietary Autopilot mode—allegedly caused its driver to plow into a semitrailer, shearing off the car’s roof and killing the driver on impact. The similarities between this tragic crash and a 2016 accident on the same highway haven’t been overlooked, […]

Where is the Line Between Medical Malpractice and Ordinary Negligence?

Does a nurse who answers her cell phone while moving a patient — causing him to fall and injure himself — commit medical malpractice or ordinary negligence? Two of three Fourth District judges recently ruled that such a claim falls under Florida’s medical malpractice laws, even though the nurse wasn’t performing a medical procedure at […]

Hurricane-Related Nursing Home Deaths Change Florida Laws

In 2017, Hurricane Irma became the most destructive hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. since Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans in 2005. But even after Irma’s powerful winds subsided, some of Florida’s most vulnerable residents were seriously injured or killed by the storm’s after-effects. One Miami-area nursing home lost power for several days, leading […]

Tips For A Safe Labor Day On The Road

Labor Day is celebration that occurs at the end of summer before children are either headed back to school or have just started a new school year. People all over the country celebrate by taking to the road to visit friends or attend parties that may involve alcohol, and then get on the road without […]

How to Determine If You Have a Case in a Wrongful Death Suit

It’s always painful to lose someone you love. It can be gut wrenching if that person was taken from you due to the violence or carelessness of another party. The first thing you should do is give yourself time to grieve and deal with the pain of losing someone unexpectedly. It’s also very important to […]

$15.5 Million Medical Malpractice Award Overturned by Florida Court

A new trial was recently ordered in a South Florida medical malpractice case in which more than $15.5 million in damages were awarded. In the original case, Stephanie Hollingsworth was admitted to the Fort Lauderdale Holy Cross Hospital in 2008 with vasculitis (inflammation of the blood vessel walls). This vasculitis resulted in sores and pain […]