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How Does Distracted Driving Cause Car Accidents?

In November 2018, the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Department (FHSMV) issued its 2017 driving statistics. Distracted drivers were responsible for 234 fatalities and more than 15,000 injuries of which 3,096 were incapacitating. Every day in Florida, there were 136 distracted driving accidents. Distracted driving falls into three categories: Visual, manual, and cognitive. Visual. […]

Shopping in a Big Box Store: Beware of Falling Objects

Big Box stores, like Costco, Walmart, Home Depot, Ikea and other similar shopping venues, offer items to consumers at substantial savings. But, before you trek out on your mission to be economical with your purchases, beware. Through the years, there have been a number of people tragically injured, or even killed, when hit by falling […]

Workers’ Compensation: What if I’m Injured While on my Lunch Break?

Florida’s workers’ compensation laws are designed to compensate for lost wages and medical expenses if you’re injured on the job–but what if you’re off-the-clock when the accident takes place? In general, any injuries that happen “in the course and scope of employment” are covered by the state’s workers’ compensation system, but whether that covers accidents […]

Hit-and-Run Accidents Present a Growing Problem Throughout the State

What are the Statistics According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety? According to statistics released by the Florida Highway Patrol, hit-and-run crashes continue to present a significant problem throughout the state. The law enforcement agency found that there were over 98,000 hit-and-run accidents in Florida in 2017 alone, and hit-and-run crashes represent about 25 […]

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Ridesharing and Car Accident Liability

The popularity of Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing services has grown rapidly in recent years. On any given day, thousands upon thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers are operating on Florida’s roads and highways. Of course, this rise in the number of rideshare drivers has also led to an increase in the number of accidents […]

When is it Appropriate to Sue a school District?

Among the many defenses school districts use to deter everyday Floridians from filing a civil lawsuit is trying to convince you that you’d be taking money away from children’s education.  Such faulty appeals to emotion may work in some cases, but a series of lawsuits against school districts are moving forward. When people are harmed […]