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At Armando Personal Injury Law, our goal is to deliver justice and help you recover the highest amount of compensation possible – but we also care deeply about what our clients have to say to describe their experience with our law firm. After all, our clients are family and we strive to build positive relationships with everyone who comes to us for a helping hand when they need it most.

We are always honored to read testimonials from our satisfied clients. Whenever a former client takes the time to leave us positive feedback, it accomplishes two things. One, it lets us know we’re doing things the right way. And two, it gives other people who need help a chance to see what we’re all about so that they can consider becoming a part of the Armando Personal Injury Law family.

The following client testimonials are from real life people who put their faith in Attorney Armando Edmiston to be their voice for justice. When you’ve been injured in an accident and want fair compensation for your damages, our law firm can help. If you decide to hire us, we’ll represent you on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay nothing unless we win. It’s that easy. Contact us today for your free case evaluation.

Testimonials for Attorney Armando Edmiston

“I was involved in a car accident in Feb 2019 that was not my fault. I was referred to Armando Personal Injury Law. I called and actually was able to speak directly to Armando. He came out to my house since my car was totaled and helped me report the claim and get medical help for my injuries. He made me feel comfortable and was available whenever I needed him. We were able to reach a resolution to my case without having to file a lawsuit! I was very happy with the outcome!”
– Monica R., 5 stars

“Armando and his team where so great to my grandparents that recently got into an accident in January 2019. They made the process very easy without any added stress for them. Since they are older, he was great with explaining how the process worked and made sure they were getting the medical attention they needed. If you are looking for a great attorney look no further and know you are in the best hands!!! Thank you very much for taking such good care of them!!”
– Leah L., 5 stars

“In 2018 I was rear ended while stopped. I went to my trusted doctor who referred me to Armando Injury Law. I called and was immediately connected to Armando directly. He setup a time to meet with me at my work which was the best for me. When I met with him, he explained the entire process to me and what to expect. I was very happy with my result and everything went as he explained it.”
– Elizabeth P., 5 stars

“I got into a car accident where I was a passenger. It was not a high-speed accident but I still suffered significant back and neck injuries. I was referred to Armando by my mother. He had represented her on a slip and fall which had to be litigated. I called Armando and he met with me at a time and location that was convenient for me. He was easy to work with, helped me report the claim and get medical help. It took 11 months to get through the process but I'm glad I called Armando and I'm very happy I did. We settled my case for a very fair amount.”
– Fabian B., 5 stars

“I was involved in an auto accident back in March 2019 and was highly recommended to his office by a friend that I highly trust. I met with him and from the initial consultation I just felt at ease. This was the first time I have ever needed a lawyer for anything, and honestly, I would use Armando and his staff 1000 times over! Every aspect of the case was always kept in front of me and I was never left in the dark about anything. The accident involved 2 other people who went with a BIG NAME firm and after seeing how mediations and proceedings went, I am so glad I went with them! The BIG NAME group NEVER appeared at any of the meetings we had or were even present by teleconference. Armando personally checked on me every week and also the day of my surgery and felt more like a family member than a lawyer I was working with. The compassion and caring nature that he and his office staff show is OUTSTANDING!  If you need a lawyer who TRULY cares about you and your case and doesn't treat you like a number. You can thank me later!”
– David M., 5 stars

“Armando is a great attorney for your personal injury case. As a personal injury attorney myself, I had the opportunity to talk to Armando about accident and injury cases and was impressed.  He really cares about his clients and making sure they recover the damages they deserve when they have been hurt through no fault of their own. We got to brainstorm strategy, issues, and the law because he cares about winning his clients cases and knows his stuff.”
Attorney Paul Sochanchak, 5 stars

“Armando & his team are AMAZING! Eclectic office located in the heart of Ybor City. I was involved in a tragic car accident in February and their professionalism and expertise greatly lessened my anxiety of understanding the complex process of filing and processing of claims, etc. Fortunately, I was able to receive a partial payment today and am confident that everything will be completed within a couple months. Don't hesitate to seek them out.”
– Jovan R., 5 stars

“Armando was wonderful and always kept me updated about my claim. It was the best decision I made to go to him. I would recommend him to any one in need of his services.”
– Bina S., 5 stars

“Armando goes above and beyond. Even settled for greater than anticipated. Kept me up to date throughout the whole process. I would recommend him to anybody.”
– Josh C., 5 stars

“Excellent service! Rapid response time! I recommend Armando Personal Injury Law!”
– Amarillis J., 5 stars

“Armando and his staff are caring professionals who work hard for you. He came to our house to meet us and calmed our concerns immediately after the accident. He kept us aware of progress as the case progressed and ultimately got the best outcome we could have asked for on our behalf. He is very responsive and always available, which is not common for Plaintiff’s attorneys. We recommend him to anyone in need of an attorney! Also, his office is gorgeous!!!!”
– Beth S., 5 stars

“Less than a month after being laid off, somebody pulled in front of me while I was driving when I had the right of way. My brand new car that was less than a month old was totaled. To make matters worse, I had severe back pain as a result of the accident. The 1st person I called was Armando Edmiston. He made sure I got the best chiropractor in town had all of my medical needs assessed and went right to work to make sure that I was compensated for my pain and loss. Armando and his staff were professional, timely, responsive, attentive, and supportive throughout every step of the process. He negotiated a reduction of my medical bills by more than 50% what they would have cost. He also delivered more compensation to me then he had estimated. When I tell you he is a man of his word, the truth is that money talks. There is not any attorney in town that I would trust more with my life in the event of an accident or a personal injury than Armando Edmiston. If you need legal help or you're in pain from an accident due to no fault of your own, you need to give Armando a call today and let him make your life easier. He is a lion in the legal field who will pursue swift justice with determination and integrity. Don't miss out on the chance to be represented by the best lawyer in the greater Tampa Bay area.”
– Josh H., 5 stars

“I met Armando at a legal seminar where we learning to be the best personal injury attorneys we can be. Not all attorneys invest the time and money to get you the best result, but Armando does and I recommend him for you accident case.”
– Brian O., 5 stars

“I was involved in a pedestrian vs car accident in Tampa, Florida in May of 2018. I had injuries to my neck and back. I called Armando Personal Injury Law after being referred to him by my personal attorney. I met personally with Armando and he went over the process, what to expect and helped me find doctors to treat me for my injuries. Armando gave me his cell number so I could communicate easily with him about my case. Armando fought the insurance company after they were trying to blame me for the accident. Armando convinced them they were wrong and helped me get compensation for my injuries and medical bills! Armando rocks! In an accident, call Armando!”
– Larry F., 5 stars

“The experience we had during this process the last 2 years was by far easier with the knowledge and guidance of Armando. His attention to details and professionalism that he showed was outstanding. He treated us more like family then just a client. He always went above and beyond our expectations. We couldn't have asked for a better lawyer.”
– Janelle G., 5 stars

“Very professional and attentive to every detail, was pleased with the way my case was handled and an excellent outcome.”
– Don D., 5 stars

“Armando Edmiston is more than an attorney, he is a person who cares about others and works long hours to ensure justice is served. He is a very personable and engaging individual, one that is a joy to speak with. Mr. Edmiston helped our family immeasurably, working through the court system in an efficient and effective manner, enabling our son to be in a position to better himself and continue his recovery and his life. Mr. Edmiston is not only extremely familiar and comfortable working within our court system, but it is obvious he has the respect and admiration of others within the system, attorneys and judges alike. He keeps his clients informed and aware of what is happening throughout the process. We recommend Mr. Edmiston unequivocally for all your legal needs.”
– Robert S., 5 stars

“He is an awesome attorney. I would not ask for a better attorney and his staff is awesome. They kept me posted on my case and I appreciate everything they’ve done for me. I would truly recommend him for an attorney.”
– Anthony V., 5 stars

“Armando is wonderful!!! My good friend recommended him for a car accident I had in Orlando. The process has been painless and easy. He got me checked out immediately after my accident and got me into treatment. After all that was over he got me back an amazing payout! Kim in the office is just the sweetest person. I HIGHLY recommend working with Armando. This law firm is top notch!!!!”
– Kristen C., 5 stars

“Wonderfully personal and attentive service!”
– Rebecca K., 5 stars

“Armando represented myself and my son for an auto accident. He was there every step of the way. Armando returned phone calls at night and on the weekends. He took the worry off of us an onto himself. He cares, which is rare. Our case has settled and we are both very happy. I recommend Armando to everyone. We went above and beyond what is customary. Call Armando!”
– Garcia O., 5 stars

“Armando is a top-notch guy. He's very helpful and professional.”
– Gabrielle C., 5 stars

“Absolutely fabulous. Very professional. We live outside the country and he handled our case quickly with no issues. If you need a good attorney, Armando is your guy!”
– Christine B., 5 stars

“Armando represented me and wife in a car accident. He was responsive, available and his staff is great! We settled the case and I was thrilled with the outcome! I recommend Armando Edmiston If you get into a car accident!  Thank you Armando!”
– Hassanein S., 5 stars

“Super helpful and easy. They will help you the whole way.”
– Marco R., 5 stars

“Armando is a great lawyer who cares about his clients. The legal process takes time and Armando is very helpful to clients during this process. I highly recommend his legal services to anyone.”
– Ricardo R., 5 stars

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