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Injured in an automobile accident in Tampa, Florida or sustained property damage to your vehicle? You need to hire an attorney that handles car accidents that will fight in your corner. Armando Personal Injury Law Firm is a local, top rated injury law firm that has Spanish speaking attorneys here to help get you the compensation and justice you deserve after an auto collision. You never pay a cent unless we win your case. Let us start the investigation process for your case right away so that you can get all of the compensation you deserve if you were hurt or suffered serious injuries because of someone else’s negligence. Call to request your free consultation to file a crash lawsuit today.

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Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit in Florida

Car accidents are an unfortunate fact of life. No matter how safe you drive, there are millions of other drivers who disobey the rules of the road and put everyone else at risk. In fact, of the 32,675 traffic fatalities of 2014, the majority of them could have easily been prevented had one or both parties taken the appropriate precautions.

Cellular or mobile phones are present in 40% of all auto collisions, drivers under the influence of alcohol cause almost one third of all traffic fatalities, and excessive speed is present in 40 percent of all single-vehicle rollover fatalities.

With these numbers in mind, it should be obvious how our driving behaviors affect road safety. If you or a loved one has been injured, or a family member has lost their life, in an auto accident, it is important to contact an experienced car accident attorney today.

Providing Negligence in Car Accidents

In almost every motor vehicle accident scenario, one or more parties will be found negligent. That is because even though we refer to them as “accidents,” they are anything but. As described in the previous section, auto collisions are not pure accidents. They are caused by mistakes including carelessness, recklessness, and a lack of regard for the lives of everyone else on the road. Unfortunately, if you are involved in an accident with a truck, the consequences of that mistake could prove deadly.

All members of society owe each other a duty to act with care in all realms of life. This certainly pertains to driving on the streets, highways, and freeways of Tampa. If someone causes another injury or death, they may be deemed negligent if it is determined that they failed in their duty to act with care.

Examples of Negligence in a Car Accident

Negligence, or failing to act with care, can consist of

  • speeding
  • swerving
  • texting while driving
  • improper lane changes
  • talking on the phone while driving
  • failing to yield
  • failing to use turn signals
  • distracted driving
  • disobeying posted traffic rules
  • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

and other unlawful acts. The party found negligent will be held liable to pay compensation to the victims they injured or killed. An experienced car crash attorney for automobile accidents can help you navigate through the lawsuit and settlement process.

Auto Accident Compensation

Car Accident compensation may consist of a financial award following a verdict, lawsuit settlement, insurance claim, or a combination of these. The compensation can be used to reimburse you for medical bills, property damage, and lost wages, but also for punitive damages like pain and suffering, lost consortium, etc.

If a family member died in a fatal automobile accident, you may be eligible to seek compensation by filing a wrongful death claim to pay for funeral costs, loss of future income paid to the deceased member’s family, and loss of enjoyment in life for the survivors. Proving negligence is the most important step to take in order to receive compensation.


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Do I Really Need an Attorney’s Help After a Car Accident?

Yes, without legal counsel you would be bringing a knife to a gunfight. Although an attorney for your car accident is not required, you are proceeding at your own risk especially if you were injured or had damage to your vehicle. Remember who the enemy is, the insurance company, they spend thousands of dollars in training the insurance adjusters and insurance company automobile accident defense attorneys to find ways to deny and or minimize the amount you can recover, don’t help them – hire your own car accident attorney.

How Can I Get Medical Treatment if I was Involved in a Car Accident?

Florida is a no-fault state which means that regardless of whose fault the accident is you have the right to seek medical treatment within 14 days of the accident as long as you carry PIP coverage on your car insurance. Florida law requires everyone who drives a vehicle to carry PIP. PIP or Personal Injury Protection is found in Florida Statue 627.736.

SEE OUR GUIDE: Getting Medical Treatment with PIP Benefits After an Automobile Accident

Florida Statue 627.736 outlines that if you are involved in an accident and are seen by a physician within 14 days who certifies that you have an emergency medical condition you are entitled to receive up to $10,000 of medical benefits to help pay for your treatment and care. An attorney can help you find a doctor to treat you for your injuries as well as guide you through the endless process of filing a personal injury and property damage claim.

Do I Need Money to Hire a Car Accident Attorney After a Car Accident?

The answer is no you do no need money to hire a lawyer because we work on a contingency basis. Meaning we only get paid of the clients gets a recovery and/or jury verdict. So our fee is contingent upon making a recovery for the client. Additionally, we (the lawyers) pay for all of the costs to prosecute the claim with the hope of making a recovery, so the client can re-pay us. If we are not successful in making a recovery then YOU OWE US NOTHING – NO FEES OR COSTS UNLESS WE MAKE A RECOVERY.

What Evidence can I Collect after a Car Accident that will Help Me?

If you have been involved in a car accident you need take pictures of the cars to show the location of the accident, along with the damage and the location of the cars. This information will be helpful if an accident reconstructionist is needed to show how the impact occurred at trial.

Furthermore, write down all witnesses’ names and phone numbers, and any and all statements that the other driver says to you such as “I’m sorry I was on my phone” or “I didn’t see you” these are all admission against interest that will be helpful in establishing fault at trial.

Do not call any insurance companies or give an recorded statements until you your coverage information and have spoken to a lawyer. We are available 24/7 to speak and meet with clients. We are here to help you.


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