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Highway truck accidents in Tampa wreak havoc on our roads. Whether it’s a rear-end semi-truck accident on Interstate 4, a speeding 18-wheeler truck accident on Interstate 75 or another type of truck accident on I-275, it’s important that you have an experienced Tampa highway truck accident lawyer on your side, fighting for your rights.

Attorney Armando Edmiston can help you every step of the way. A native of Hillsborough County, Florida, Attorney Edmiston and his experienced legal team at Armando Personal Injury Law know how the system works here and what needs to be done to win. That’s why you can count on us after your highway truck accident in the Tampa area.

What are common causes of highway truck accidents in Florida?

Highway truck accidents happen for many different reasons. In many cases, these accidents happen for the same reasons many other truck accidents happen. Some of the most common causes of truck accidents on the highway include:

  • Speeding truck drivers
  • Distracted truck drivers
  • Texting truck drivers
  • Impaired truck drivers (under the influence of alcohol or drugs)
  • Reckless truck drivers
  • Improperly maintained trucks (poor brakes, tire blowouts, etc.)

Whatever the cause of your highway truck accident, our legal team will dig deeper to uncover exactly what happened. That’s our job and we will work tirelessly on your behalf, searching for evidence in support of your claim.

How can a highway truck accident attorney help me?

You might think you don’t need an attorney if a truck driver clearly caused your highway accident. The reality is many highway accidents turn out to be far more complicated than many people suspect. The truck driver might deny doing anything wrong. Or they might try to blame you for causing your collision. Trucking companies can be difficult to deal with. Then, there’s the insurance companies. Many will often do everything they can to deny your claim.

They don’t intimidate us. Armando Personal Injury Law knows how to take on insurance companies, trucking companies and anyone else who stands in our way. If they refuse to negotiate, we will not hesitate to take them to court to demand the financial compensation you rightfully deserve for your highway truck accident.

Discover what our law firm can do for you. Contact us and schedule your free case evaluation with a Tampa highway truck accident lawyer who cares about your case – Armando Personal Injury Law.

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