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What are common causes of truck accidents?

Personal injury attorney Armando Edmiston knows why crashes happen and can help

Truck accidents involving other vehicles happen for many different reasons, but, in many cases, they have one thing in common – the truck driver often did something wrong to cause a collision with another vehicle.

When this happens, it’s important for the driver of the other car to take legal action right away. Otherwise, that driver might not get the financial compensation they deserve for their crash. Since the financial toll of a truck accident can often be thousands or even millions of dollars, there’s often a lot at stake.

If you or a loved one was injured in a truck accident in Tampa caused by a truck driver, Armando Personal Injury Law can help you every step of the way. Tampa truck accident lawyer Armando Edmiston knows how to investigate and find the facts that matter to build the strongest possible legal case. That’s why we have a strong track record of success.

How did your truck accident happen?

Truck accidents happen for many different reasons, but most are caused by negligent truck drivers such as:

While these are the most common causes of truck accidents, it’s important to understand that they are all unique. That’s why it’s critical that you have an attorney on your side who knows how to find the evidence you need to build the strongest possible legal case.

Not using a seatbelt, drowsy driving, and distracted driving are three big risks to truck driver safety, source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Put your trust in a truck accident attorney who puts your needs first

The clock is ticking after your accident. In many cases, you only have a limited amount of time to take legal action after your accident. This deadline (known as the statute of limitations) is normally two years from the date of most accidents but can vary depending on the circumstances.

Two years might seem like a long time, but the reality is the longer you wait to take legal action, the more difficult it can often be to successfully obtain the financial compensation you deserve. Evidence can disappear over time. Memories fade. Witnesses move away.

Our law firm can help you every step of the way. We understand the urgency of your case. We are prepared to do what needs to be done to find the facts that matter. Discover what we can do for you. Contact our law firm and schedule your free case evaluation with a Tampa truck accident lawyer who cares about you at Armando Personal Injury Law.

Distracted truck driver

Truck drivers need to pay attention on the road at all times. That’s why distracted driving can be so dangerous. When a trucker takes their eyes off the road – even for just a few seconds – they can end up causing a serious collision. That’s why texting while driving is against the law for all commercial truck drivers and why truckers should not be talking on their phone, eating while driving or doing anything else that distracts them.

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Speeding truck driver

Speeding is against the law for a reason. When truck drivers drive too fast, they often don’t have time to avoid crashing into other vehicles. That’s why it’s critical that you have a truck accident attorney on your side, investigating your crash. Our legal team knows what to look for after your speeding accident – from skid marks on the road to so-called black box data from the truck that caused the crash. Every detail of your accident matters.

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Asleep at the wheel truck driver

Strict federal rules and regulations exist regarding how many hours truck drivers can drive per day and per week. These rules exist since truckers often fall asleep at the wheel due to working long hours. Each truck is also equipped with a so-called black box which records when the trucker was driving, how fast they were driving, and other data. We can analyze all this data to determine if the truck driver fell asleep and caused your crash.

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Reckless truck driver

Truck drivers have a responsibility to follow the rules of the road. Unfortunately, some cut corners and put everyone on the road at risk. Sometimes, it’s changing lanes without warning. Other times, it’s tailgating, weaving between cars, running red lights or driving in a reckless manner. Whatever the circumstances of your truck accident, you can count on us to find the facts and build the strongest possible legal case.

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Poorly maintained truck

Trucking companies have a responsibility to properly maintain their fleet of trucks. Unfortunately, some trucking companies or truckers don’t take this responsibility seriously enough. They don’t regularly check their trucks to make sure the brakes work properly or if the tires have enough tread. That’s just the basics, but the basics matter when it comes to keeping a commercial truck safe. Otherwise, serious accidents often occur due to poor maintenance. when they do, it’s our job to hold the trucker and trucking company accountable for your crash.

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