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Millions of people end up in the hospital every year due to injuries from falls. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC), 2.5 million people seek medical attention in emergency departments every year. Of those, 700,000 require hospitalization. Falls affect the young, old, and everyone in between. Common fall injuries include traumatic brain injuries, broken wrists and collar bones, spinal cord damage, sprains, torn ligaments, and serious contusions. Fall injuries occur often at work as well. If you fell at work, you may qualify for worker’s compensation. Contact our work injury lawyers about worker’s comp claims.

Hip Fracture Injuries from Fall Accidents

One type of injury stands apart when it comes to causing fatalities. Among the elderly, a fractured hip is one of the most dangerous types of injuries. One out of five people 65 and older suffer a fall every year, and women 65 to 69 who fracture a hip are five times more likely to die within that year than women of the same age who do not fall. Older men, while less likely to fracture a hip due to higher bone density, are at an even greater risk than women who fracture a hip. Men 65 to 69 years old face a 30.9 percent chance of dying within the year.

Regardless of age, slip and falls are dangerous for everyone. If you suffered an injury from an unsafe premises due to a slippery floor, you may be owed compensation for your injuries. Contact an experienced Tampa fall injury attorney at Armando Personal Injury Law firm to schedule a free consultation.

Businesses May be Held Liable for their Unsafe Premises

In the state of Florida, every business owner has a responsibility to act with care. What this means is that they must keep their premises safe for all those who enter during times of business. This obligation is breached when an invitee is injured due to unsafe equipment, faulty wiring, from the sale of contaminated food, unsafely stacked merchandise, or, in the event of a slip and fall, an uneven or slippery floor. Whether you slipped because the walkway was greasy, icy, was wet from water, or was littered with items to trip on such as extension cords or boxes, the business owner may be held liable to pay damages to you in a fall injury lawsuit verdict. A fall injury attorney at Armando Personal Injury Law Firm is ready to discuss your potential claim now.

Contact Armando Personal Injury Law Firm if You Have Been Injured in a Tampa, Florida Fall Accident or Slip Incident

It is up to you and your injury attorney to prove that the business was negligent in providing a safe walking space. As such, you must take immediate action to compile evidence after a slip and fall. If you fall, or a loved one falls, the following actions can greatly help a legal team prove negligence:

  • Call the authorities for medical help if necessary;
  • The business owner may clean the floor or remove unsafe items after you leave. Therefore, it is imperative to find out what caused you or your loved one to fall and record its existence with photo evidence;
  • Ensure that the business owner or manager is told of the fall and resulting injury so that it is documented;
  • Ask witnesses what they saw and for their contact information; and
  • Seek medical attention. Your medical record will help prove that you were, in fact, injured from the fall.

If you or a loved one slipped, fell, and became injured due to an unsafe premises floor or walkway, contact Armando Personal Injury Law Firm today to speak with an experienced fall injury attorney in Tampa at (813) 906-1151.