Nursing Home Negligence Leads to Death of Residents in Hollywood Hills FL After Hurricane Irma

If your loved one survived Hurricane Irma unscathed, only to suffer serious injury or die from heat stroke, heat exhaustion, dehydration or other complications, it’s time to learn about your legal options. Our nursing home negligence lawyers are stationed throughout the state of Florida ready to help you hold the care facility you trusted with their life accountable. We have offices in Tampa and Fort Lauderdale, Florida and are only a phone call away. Contact us now to see if you have grounds to file a lawsuit for nursing home negligence.

In the wake of powerful Hurricane IRMA, a trail of devastation leaves people injured, devastated, and some even killed. From the Florida Keys to Orlando, commercial and residential properties were destroyed, and families displaced. But nobody could have imagined that nursing home residents would die because the facilities that were entrusted with caring for them neglected their needs.

These deaths were preventable. Their lives were taken unceremoniously, but we cannot allow the dignity of those lost to be washed away so quietly. We will help you hold the nursing home accountable for negligence.

How Could the Lives of Florida Nursing Home Residents Been Saved?


Don’t let the nursing home facilities and or assisted living facilities get away with or make excuses for neglecting your loved one after Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma is not an excuse to let loved ones die from heat exhaustion, dehydration, or heat stroke. An experienced nursing home neglect lawyer from Armando Personal Injury is ready to discuss your potential case free of charge.

Recently there were at least 8 deaths in Hollywood Hills, Florida because the nursing home in my opinion miserably failed to ensure the welfare and the safety of the residents. According to nursing home facility they called Florida Power multiple times trying to get updates as well as first responders.

The time line of events is still unknown but it seems to me they did “too little too late.”  Their negligence and breach of duty to care for these residents is especially egregious if you consider the fact that they knew the residents were incapable of taking care of themselves.

Hydration, vigilance and pre-planning could have prevented all these deaths. Not to mention contacting the immediately family members to ask for help in caring for the loved ones as well as hiring additional staff members.

These unfortunate victims weren’t even notified of the death by the nursing home. Take for example the victim Gail Nova, whose son was contacted by reporters about the death.  It is horrifying to think that the nursing home did not even notify the next of kin immediately upon knowing.

As an attorney experienced with nursing home abuse and neglect cases I’ve seen a thing or two, but the complete lack of humanity and level of gross negligence exhibited by this facility is astounding. If you lost a loved one this way, first I would like to give you my sincerest and deepest sympathy. I would also like to invite you to either call or visit one of my law firm’s office in Tampa or Sunrise, Florida near Fort Lauderdale.

Why Hire Armando Personal Injury Law Firm to File a Lawsuit Against the Nursing Home?

We will fight aggressively to expose the truth about the tragic deaths at the Hollywood Hills nursing homes or any other assisted living facilities. In cases like this, the Hollywood Police Department’s detectives and the media are powerful resources to help us build a case. Our own team of investigators will also be making visits to interview staff members, residents and relatives to gather as much information and evidence as possible before the nursing home tries to cover anything up or destroy tangible evidence.

We will also work with leading experts and doctors to receive the medical knowledge and determine the appropriate standard of care to gauge the level of this facility’s emergency planning failure. We will also immediately order all insurance information to see if this facility even has insurance to cover these tragic events.

My deepest condolences to the family members of this tragic deaths in Hollywood Hills, Florida


Author: J. Armando Edmiston

Founding Attorney at Armando Personal Injury Law Firm