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‘Target Zero’ Campaign Aims To End Car Crashes in Florida

Every year, people in Florida are killed or seriously hurt in car accidents. That's why law enforcement agencies in Tampa and throughout the state are working together on a campaign to address the problem. The campaign, named "Target Zero," has a very clear goal – to get to zero transportation-related deaths and injuries on Florida roads.

partnership focuses on approaches to make roads safer

A collaboration between the Florida Department of Transportation, the Florida Highway Patrol, and local law enforcement, the campaign will focus on changing dangerous driving behaviors to prevent crashes.

"Every day in Florida, eight people die and 49 more are seriously injured on public roadways in traffic crashes, many of which are preventable," said Florida Department of Transportation District Seven Secretary David Gwynn.

Key strategies to increase safety on the roads

"Target Zero" is a part of Florida's Strategic Highway Safety Plan, which focuses on four approaches to help reduce fatalities and injuries. These include:

  • Engineering – Identify, develop, and deploy engineering solutions and practices that encourage safe driving behavior and reduce speed. Collaborate with metropolitan planning organizations (MTOs) and local governments to ensure safety considerations are implemented in future projects.
  • Education – Develop and implement strategies to improve road users' awareness of safety issues, educate and train road users on improving driving and riding skills, and educate and train safety professionals on the best education practices.
  • Enforcement – Provide law enforcement officers with the necessary training and resources, conduct enforcement and education activities in high-crash locations, and coordinate with prosecutors and courts on prosecution.
  • Emergency response – Accelerate the implementation of techniques and practices to reduce response time, advance strategies for emergency response to particular types of crashes, implement proven strategies to keep response personnel safe, and implement strategies for clearing vehicles and restoring traffic flow.

Sgt. Steve Gaskins with the Florida Highway Patrol, Col. Joseph Maurer of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, and Tampa Police Maj. Richard Mills expressed support for the campaign at a June press conference.

"Because when it comes to human lives, no other number is acceptable," Maurer said. "Zero is the ultimate number."

A rear-end accident involving a silver SUV and a dark grey pickup truck. Both vehicles have extensive damage.

An experienced attorney can fight for you

Currently, car accidents happen every day in Tampa and surrounding areas. And they are often caused by negligence. For example, a driver was speeding, operating recklessly, or texting behind the wheel.

The accidents they cause leave people seriously injured, sometimes fatally. Medical expenses can add up quickly and become overwhelming. Victims may be unable to work, resulting in a loss of income. When the accident wasn't their fault, they deserve compensation.

But holding negligent drivers accountable is complicated. They often deny doing anything wrong. Insurance companies try to keep payments as low as possible – sometimes by making lowball settlement offers that don't cover all the victim's all damages.

That's why you need an experienced Tampa car accident attorney if you were hurt in a crash. At Armando Personal Injury Law, we fight for the rights of the injured and are dedicated to making sure they recover the financial compensation they deserve.

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