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Arguments Insurance Companies Make After A Car Accident

Insurance company arguments

Insurance company representatives are very good at appearing friendly. That’s part of their job. Never forget, though, that they are not on your side. The company’s primary goal when investigating an accident is to protect their bottom line. The best way their investigators can achieve this is by shifting liability for an accident – and, consequently, the cost – onto you.

Questions insurance companies ask

An adjustor’s questions may seem harmless, but they are not. Here are some examples – and their "translations:"

  • “You weren’t going very fast, right?” In other words, the insurer is downplaying the extent of your injuries. After all, how injured could you possibly be after a low-impact collision? Rely on your doctor, never an insurer, to determine your injuries.
  • “Should you have been paying closer attention?” In other words, was the crash avoidable? It is common to have self-doubts about what happens in a crash, even when you are not at fault. Never give an insurer an opening by accepting responsibility. Let the police investigate the crash scene and determine fault.
  • “There’s nothing we can do because it is your word against the other driver’s.” In other words, we are not going to trouble ourselves by standing up for your rights. Again, let the police settle the question of fault.

In short, you do not have to answer their questions except to provide the basic facts. Do not give them information that can be used against you later.

Money talks, but you don’t have to listen

The insurer may approach you with a settlement offer. Accepting the money, especially when facing medical bills, is tempting. It could also be a huge mistake. Despite what the insurance company says, any settlement is negotiable. Ask yourself: Is the money enough to cover all current and future expenses for you and your family? If you accept the offer, the claim is closed and you are out of luck if other expenses arise.

Make the insurance company listen to you

The odds are against you. You may be recovering from major injuries while trying to cope with an insurer and its representatives. You may be out of work and unable to support your family. The pressure is on to do something – almost anything – to address mounting financial worries.

The car accident injury lawyers at Armando Personal Injury Law have experience handling cases just like yours in Tampa and throughout Florida. We know how to counter the tactics of insurance companies while securing a fair financial settlement for you and your family. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay nothing unless we win your case. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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