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Hillsborough County Is the Nation’s Deadliest Large County for Commuters

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A Tampa car accident lawyer reveals the tragic facts

If you’ve ever thought that commuting hours are a dangerous time in Hillsborough County in Florida, you’re right. In fact, it’s the deadliest large county for commuters in the United States—but why?

Unfortunately, We’re No. 1

When it comes to traffic fatalities in large counties (a population of 500,000 or more commuters) Hillsborough County in Florida is the nation's most dangerous, with 9.2 deaths per 100,000 commuters. By comparison, the national average number of commuter deaths – those occurring between 6 and 11 a.m. and 4 to 8 p.m. on weekdays – was 4.8 per 100,000 in 2019, the latest year for which crash data is available.

The bad news for Florida commuters does not stop there. The state has one-third of the Top 15 worst large counties for commuter deaths.

The others are:

  • Orange County (No. 5; 6.2 deaths per 100,000)
  • Palm Beach County (No. 10; 5.6)
  • Miami-Dade County (No. 11; 5.5)
  • Broward (No. 15; 4.8)

It gets worse. Midsize Florida counties (100,000 to 499,999 commuters) placed 17 times, more than any other state, among the 95 counties reporting more than 5.4 deaths per 100,000 commuters.

Making the Top 25 were:

  • Alachua County (No. 9; 14.4 deaths per 100,000 commuters)
  • Polk County (No. 10; 14.2)
  • Osceola County (No. 11; 13.4)
  • Pasco County (No. 12; 13.1)
  • Sarasota County (No. 14; 12.8)
  • Manatee County (No. 15; also 12.8)
  • Marion County (No. 17; 12.5)
  • Lee County (No. 23; 11.5)
  • Escambia County (No. 24; 11.4)

Avoiding Commuter Accidents

Your best defense against causing a car accident is to follow the rules of the road, stay attentive, and always watch out for other road users, including bicyclists and pedestrians.

Tips to drive safely include:

  • Driving the speed limit. Driving faster means less reaction time, greater stopping time in an emergency, raises the chances of a deadly rollover accident, and lessens the effectiveness of seat belts and airbags.
  • Obeying traffic signs and lights. If you do not pay attention, you are at risk of causing a crash that leaves you and others severely injured.
  • Avoiding distractions. Stay off your cellphone and never text while driving. Texting and driving has been shown to be even more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol.
  • Maintaining alertness. Pay close attention to your surroundings so you can adjust your driving accordingly.
  • Leaving early. Giving yourself an extra few minutes to reach your destination is a good way to prevent speeding and other aggressive driving habits, which are dangerous and can lead to a crash.
  • No drinking and driving. Hillsborough County ranked 10th in the country for alcohol-related commuter accidents.

Crash victims should know their legal options

If you were injured or a loved one died in an accident caused by someone else in Hillsborough County, you have recourse through the civil justice system. The problem is the insurance company is financially motivated to keep the total value of your claim as low as possible. And you can be sure that they will leave no stone unturned to accomplish that goal.

At Armando Personal Injury Law, we take pride in protecting the rights of crash victims in Tampa and throughout Hillsborough County. We won't let an insurance adjuster push you around or try to pressure you into accepting a lowball settlement offer. We know how to calculate the true cost of your accident and fight for the compensation you deserve.

To find out how an experienced Tampa car accident attorney can help you, contact us today for a free consultation. There are no obligations, and we work cases on a contingency fee basis. That means no upfront money is required, and you pay no legal fees unless we make a financial recovery in your case. Call today to learn more.

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