Five Florida Nursing Homes Flagged by Feds

Photo of Abuse in Nursing Homes

Federal lawmakers recently flagged more than 400 nursing homes across the nation for issues relating to resident standard of care. According to an ABC report, some 1.3 million Americans reside in nursing homes, and these 400 flagged facilities represent about 3 percent of the total number.

Five Central Florida nursing homes were among the 400 flagged. Karla Ray, a Florida investigative reporter, has been questioning the standard of care and subsequent neglect found in Florida nursing homes for years. In fact, Ray previously looked into allegations of neglect for one of the properties on the current list, the Consulate of Melbourne. The federal report also highlighted Avante at Ormond Beach due to a failure by staff to properly clean and disinfect glucometers between blood tests. Avante also has another Orlando property which made the list.

The “watch” list of nursing homes also included Ocean View Nursing and Rehab Center and Huntington Place in Rockledge. These two nursing homes were flagged for issues related to patients’ rights to “adequate and appropriate health care and protective and support services.” Ocean View Nursing and Rehab stated that the care and well-being of residents was their highest priority and that the “issue” which landed them on the watch list was an “isolated issue regarding one nurse that was immediately resolved.”

Florida Nursing Home Negligence is Horrifying

In a WFTV9 report in February of this year, Karla Ray reported on the death of a woman who was living in one of Consulate Health Care’s Brevard County facilities. Ray noted that a year ago, the state Agency for Health Care Administration threatened to pull dozens of the licenses of Consulate Health Care—Florida’s largest nursing home chain. At the time, the company struck a settlement with the state to stay open. Nearly every one of the 17 Consulate facilities in Central Florida had major problems with recent inspections, according to 9 Investigates.

In one of the facilities, staff admitted they did not have the time to keep a resident from getting out of her wheelchair. Their solution was to put her in her locked wheelchair against a wall, with a table in front of her to prevent her getting out.

In 2017, at the Brookshire, an inspection found that a resident remained on the floor for hours after falling, and at Rio Pinar in Orange County, a resident claimed he was treated like “an animal.

At Consulate of Melbourne, a resident developed sepsis after the staff failed to treat the resident for an infected bedsore.

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