What To Bring When You Meet a Car Accident Attorney

Being involved in a car accident is a traumatizing and stressful experience. Not only do many people have their vehicle completely destroyed, there is often severe physical pain in the neck and back associated with a car accident.  At Aarmando Personal Injury Law firm we work on a contingency basis, so our consultations are always free. Also, in an effort to mitigate the pain and stress you are already feeling, we have an attorney that specializes in automobile accidents drive out to meet you at your home, office or any other place that may be convenient for you.  Meeting with a lawyer after a traumatic car accident can be intimidating, but it’s important do so rather than taking a quick settlement from an insurance company; believe me when I say that the insurance company doesn’t have your best interest in mind.  On the other hand, I always have my client’s best interest in mind,  so I have made a list of the information you will need to bring with you so the first meeting will be efficient and we can address all of the issues in your case.

It’s important to note that an experienced attorney will help you deal with not only the property damage part, but also the personal injury portion of your claim. In order to give you the best possible legal representation, I will need you to provide me with all the information you have about the vehicle damage, as well as your health concerns and/or medical records and receipts resulting from the accident.

After a car accident, your number one priority is your health, so seek immediate medical attention if you feel any pain or disorientation. It’s very important to get checked out even if you aren’t experiencing any pain immediately after the automobile accident, as often the pain from car accident injuries can be delayed.  Once you have gotten the proper medical attention, call me, Attorney Armando Edmiston, so that I can begin to build your case and prove the liable parties responsible for the medical treatment you need.  It’s imperative to get started as early as possible so that my private investigators and experienced legal team can get to work for you.

What information about my car accident does my attorney need for our first meeting?

In order to build the best case possible for you, I will need the following items:

  1. accident report or driver’s exchange of information;
  2. any pictures you may have taken at the accident scene, or after, of the property damage to your vehicle and/or the other persons vehicle;
  3. the names and numbers of any witnesses you may have;
  4. a copy of your declarations page from your car insurance company and/or any policy your listed as an additional driver or may be covered under;
  5. your driver’s license
  6. copy of any health insurance you have
  7. any medical records or discharge papers given to you by any hospital or urgent care clinic

What can I expect will happen in our first meeting?

In our first meeting I will review all the documents and evidence I just listed above, and I will evaluate the strength or weakness of your possible personal injury and property damage claim. If I believe that you have a valid claim for personal injury and property damage, then I will review with you our contract for representation on a contingency basis, which means we do not charge one penny for fees or cost unless we make a recovery for you. IF we don’t make a recovery, you owe us nothing!  If I believe you do not have a case that can result in a financial recovery for yourself, then our meeting will end and you will owe me nothing for my time!

In the initial meeting I will explain to you how the property damage recovery works, help you call your insurance company to get a claim number and report the accident. I will also help you get a rental car from the other driver’s insurance company, if they were at fault. In addition, I will review Florida’s PIP laws with and explain your rights to personal injury protection under this law.  If needed, I can assist you in finding a doctor to help you with your injuries.


Have other questions? Call me today, Attorney Armando Edmiston at (813) 906-1151, and let me fight for your rights!  I will use my experience to get you every penny you deserve, as well as get your car fixed and get you  into a rental vehicle, helping minimize the stress and anxiety associated with being involved and injured in a car accident.